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Classes schedule

Opening hours:  Sunday-Thursday 7:00-14:00, 15:30-22:00

Fridays until 7:00-15:00


Pilates: an exercise technique known to balance body with soul, while strengthening the muscles and improving body stability, flexibility and range of movement.
Zumba: aerobics with a Latin rhythm – a vibrant and energetic exercise class, excellent for burning calories and improving fitness.
Feldenkraize: a relaxing exercise class combining improved body stability, range of movement and flexibility.
Yoga: a well respected technique of using physical exercises to improve one's health, concentration, body stability,  strength and flexibility.
Exercise for health: exercise for beginners and older women who want a good body conditioning workout and an increase in flexibility, while exercising to a slower rhythm.

- Please register for every class in advance.
- In a case of a stand-by list, entrance to a class will not be permitted to late arrivals. 
- Entrance to more than one class a day will be possible if classes are not full.  
- This class schedule may be changed without prior notice.
- Canceling a class-registration must be made up to an hour before its time, or else the member will be charged in a 50 Shekel fee or 5 days will be taken off the membership.